Welcome to the 14th Chancery Court District.

The State of Mississippi is divided into twenty Chancery Court districts. The Fourteenth Chancery Court District includes Chickasaw, Clay, Lowndes, Noxubee, Oktibbeha and Webster Counties.

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Judge Drungole-Ellis
Catherine Brock

Judge Studdard
Cindy Strickland

Judge Faver
Terry L. Thomas


Under the Mississippi Constitution and by statute, the Chancery Court has jurisdiction over the following types of cases:

  • All matters in equity, (which includes cases of fraud or mistake, property rights, preservation of property, conveyances of property, mortgages and liens on property, trusts, accountings, injunctions, specific performance of contracts).
  • Divorce and alimony, (including annulment, separate maintenance, child custody, child support, division of marital assets/property).
  • Matters testamentary and of administration, (including probate of wills, handling of estates either with or without a will).
  • Minors’ business, (including emancipation of minors, approving settlement of claims of minors, appointment and removal of guardians).
  • Cases of idiocy, lunacy, and persons of unsound minds, (including commitments to institutions).
  • All matters of which Chancery Court had jurisdiction when the state constitution came into existence.
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